Innovating the public sector – this is the underlying aim of SONNETS. This aim is not only challenging, it has also many different facets: the European society needs a public sector which addresses the current societal challenges, like inclusive well-being and health or experiential education and training and also specific challenges regarding the interaction with the public sector itself, like faster and transparent access to public sector services or new ways of political participation.

Innovating the public sector means also to modernize the public sector by digitalizing its processes, increasing the resource productivity and transforming the public administrations to be more open, flexible and collaborative in their relations with citizens and businesses.

To reach this aim particularly emerging ICTs are very promising candidates to help modernizing public administrations and innovating the ways how the public sector interacts with its citizens.

But how can we use the potential of these emerging ICTs for innovation the public sector? Which technologies should be selected for which societal or public sector need? What has to be done before implementing these technologies in a specific public administration? Do we need to invest in technological R&D? Which other activities do we have to consider - training of personnel, regulations, infrastructure?

All these questions have been addressed in the 23 technology roadmaps of SONNETS. The quintessence of these roadmaps have been summarized in stakeholder tailored recommendation briefs: one set of 23 one-page recommendations for researcher or IT specialists in general and one set for public sector representatives.