Last Thursday 14th of September we had our final webinar with almost 50 participants coming both from the public and private sectors from different EU countries.
This webinar was part of the comunication activities carried by the project in order to share the SONNETS results and reinforce our community.

In addition to the identification of the societal and public sector needs, the SONNETS consortium was interested in investigating the different contexts in terms of key priorities, barriers or potential key success factors that may influence the potential adoption of emerging technologies. The following list identified by the SONNETS consortium provides an approach on potential contextual barriers/obstacles that need to be considered and overcome for a successful innovation process. These have been classified around the following labels:

To better address the needs in the current societal context, it is imperative that the needs emerge through the interactions with the various stakeholders in the society. Thus, SONNETS approach aims at eliciting societal needs and trends through an active engagement with the societal actors: stakeholders external to the public sector (citizens and businesses) as well as internal ones (civil servants).

This explanatory video gives you the right tips to understand how the SONNETS Innovation Identification Framework can support the Public Administrations to start a modernization process based on the most suitable and innovative technologies. If you have further questions, please contact us!

This section contains the presentations of our SONNETS Workshop “Emerging ICTs and Innovation Potential for the Public Sector” organized in Athens on the 10th of February, 2017.