As the project co-ordinator, I wanted to introduce you to the Horizon 2020 funded project CLARITY (Champion e-government applications to increase trust, accountability and transparency in public services).
The CLARITY project will support European Member States in their pursuit for greater trust, transparency and efficiency within their open eGovernment initiatives and highlight best practice within this field.
The CLARITY objectives are:

  • To mobilise stakeholders across the open government ecosystem
  • To conduct a needs assessment and gap analysis to understand gaps in the market and support growth in innovative solutions for open eGovernment in Europe
  • To catalogue open eGovernment applications across Europe
  • To set up the CLARITY marketplace for open eGovernment services, where developers can upload, review and download best practice applications
  • To work with stakeholders to develop a blueprint for the next steps to encourage the provision and responsible take-up of eGovernment applications to enhance accountability, transparency and trust in public sector services.
  • Throughout the project, the consortium will seek engagement and feedback from stakeholders within the open eGovernment ecosystem. This will be achieved through the CLARITY website, LinkedIn profile and network group, Twitter and other dissemination and communication methods.
    We invite you to join the CLARITY network to:

    • Contribute to the future vision for open eGovernment applications in Europe
    • Receive updates on, and attend innovation activities such as focus groups, workshops, the week-long CLARITY Sprint Event and the CLARITY Exhibition and final conference
    • Use and contribute to the establishment of the interactive Open eGovernment Marketplace – a space for the advertising of various open eGovernment applications from across Europe

    The CLARITY project is now nearing its halfway point and we wanted to share with you some of our work and what is upcoming in the next year.

    • We have conducted a stakeholder analysis within the open eGovernment ecosystem.
    • We have analysed the key drivers in the up-take of open eGovernment services in Europe
    • We have conducted a needs assessment of societal, public sector and industry and market needs when it comes to the up-take of open eGovernment services.
    • We held a Development Sprint Event in Amsterdam in December 2016, where four teams developed blueprints for 4 new open eGovernment services.
    • We have held two foresight focus groups with stakeholders in Sweden and Spain, and will host a third group in The Netherlands in March. Results will be in a forthcoming briefing paper on "Considerations for the take-up of open eGovernment services in Europe" - due in March 2017

    Please contact me if you require any further information about CLARITY.

    Thordis Sveinsdottir – project co-ordinator, Trilateral Research Ltd.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017