The EC has just launched the first Open Public Review of three eGovernment projects financially supported by Horizon 2020.

The three projects (WeGovNow, Simpatico & OpenGovIntelligence) under Open Public Review are expected to develop personalised online services and engagement platforms for a variety of diverse stakeholders, from migrants and elderly people, to teenagers and local businesses.
The Open Public Reviews pilot offer a variety of opportunities to improve the current review process during the whole life cycle of a project:

  • potential to create a broader community of interested experts contributing to the review of an EU project, rather than a limited number of monitors;
  • development of new, more transparent ways to assess projects;
  • additional input from experts with specialised expertise in assessing the project results/deliverables;
  • provide constructive comments thus improving the quality of feedback that projects receive;
  • wider outreach of information about the output of European funded research projects;
  • a more timely dissemination of project outcomes.

The EC would like to get your contribution and support in this pilot, as your knowledge in the field and experience can help to assess the potential benefits and interest in such an Open Public Review pilot.

By taking part in this Open Public Review pilot, you will have the opportunity to gain early access and insights into project developments and outputs and provide valuable feedback to the e-government research community.

To participate please go to the Open Public Review Platform , where you will find all the information on the three projects and instructions on how to leave to a review. You will need to register for a login on Futurium if you do not already have one. Participation is on a voluntary basis.

Each project has a deadline for Open Public Reviewbefore it will be closed for comments:

The EC count on your participation and please spread the word about this new initiative to stakeholders and colleagues who would be interested in taking part.

Thursday, March 16, 2017