SONNETS constitutes an attractive knowledge platform for all relevant stakeholders aiming to modernise the public sector.

This section provides you with the results of our work and invites you to share your opinions with the SONNETS community, through our contact form, social media channels as well as in Futurium:

  • The analysis of the needs, barriers to address them and sucess factors regarding the public services, the conclusions of which have been validated by involving not only by the consortium members but also our wide network of experts.
  • The SONNETS Innovation Framework, a disruptive approach aiming to highlight the gaps between the previously identified societal and public sector needs and the identified technological opportunities.
  • The SONNETS roadmap and research directions, an inclusive roadmap for the use of 23 emerging technologies with recommended activities guiding the transformation of the public sector and tailored stakeholder briefs (policy, research, technology) with both methodological as well as specific content-related recommendations.

Our results are available under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-alike licence (CC-BY-SA), which means you can use them for free giving appropriate credit and if you build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original. Should you have any question or if you need help to implement the framework in your organization, we are happy to give you expert advice. Please, contact us and tell us your needs!