Innovation Roundtable Summit 2016

The Innovation Roundtable® Summit 2016 will be attended by 600 innovation executives from 250 multinational firms – the world’s largest gathering exclusively for corporate innovators.

The Summit has a highly interactive format, combining insightful presentations with a variety of discussion sessions, enabling you to exchange experiences with your peers about topics of special interest, and with ample time dedicated to informal networking.

2nd SONNETS Plenary Meeting

The second SONNETS consortium meeting was held in ISMB premises in Torino. The meeting was primarily focus on the identification of the societal and public sector needs and challenges. Additionally, the consortium discussed a preliminary list of emerging technologies that will support the public sector to be modernised as well as to become an innovation agent.


This CSA project aims at to develop a win-win situation for relevant stakeholders (public sector, enterprises, citizens, researchers) and foster collaboration for breaking down knowledge silos towards building a more productive, responsive and innovation generating public sector.

The SONNETS KoM was held in the 8th of March, 2016 at Atos Spain's premises in Madrid.